samedi 14 juillet 2012

How to send enclosed files with msmtp and mutt

Here is a quick set up of Msmtp first ( available here ), we'll install Mutt to be able to send enclosed files from Konsole.

a pretty...

apt-get install mutt

we 'll open to  /etc/Muttrc  with kate éditor

and we'll add these lines :

set mbox_type=Maildir
set folder=~/.maildir
set spoolfile=~/.maildir/
set record=~/.maildir-sent/
set move=no
set sendmail=/usr/bin/msmtp
set use_from=no
my_hdr From: polux

we'll save the file and test it with this command below:

mutt -s "Test mail polux" -a /home/polux/Documents/test.txt < /home/polux/Documents/test.txt

"Test mail polux" is the subject is the recipient
-a /home/polux/Documents/test.txt is the enclosed file
< /home/polux/Documents/test.txt is the mail.

réh voalah !

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